Business success in the modern world is about communication, communication is about translation let’s do it together…

Quality Process:


Our dedicated, specialized Project Manager will discuss the engagement requirements, goals and timeline with you.

After the project is appropriately scoped, a team of specialized linguists will be assigned to your account..

A Custom Team - including a Translator, Designer and Web Developer, if needed - will prepare the documentation and propose style guides, glossaries; tech and client-support mechanisms based on the project requirements.


The Project Manager hands the translated text to a second translator for proofreading and revision.

Using CAT tools, the reviser ensures the highest quality by reviewing the content word-for-word and checking for consistency to your target language

The final translated files are returned to the Project Manager, who does a final review for quality before delivering an identically formatted, translated version to you.


What kind of content do you need to translate?
Software Localization: