About Us

Business success in the modern world is about communication, communication is about translation let’s do it together…


 Our History

Founded in 2016, Global Translation Centre has rapidly become one of the largest in-house language service providers in the world and the translation company of reference for Global Markets. We complement our in-house operations with a highly flexible pool of external experienced and qualified linguists that collaborate in our projects on a daily basis. With offices in Kenya, GTC provides translation and interpretation services in a wide range of specialized subject matter fields. We provide every client with a bespoke and highly efficient translation service, managed from start to finish making sure we meet the strictest industry standards and client’s highest expectations in both quality and speed of delivery. Our professional in-house and freelance linguists are well trained and highly skilled at what they do. We look forward to developing a long-term business relationship with you and your organization in the near future.


Areas of Expertise


Technology Manufacturing and engineering industries are process driven and require translations that back that up. We can help you with this as we have a team of technical translators who are chosen not only for their language skills but with their ability to complete your project with high levels of accuracy within your budget and time constraints. Our team has a thorough understanding of your products and technical terminology which helps to build a strong relationship with your clients. Some of the popular areas we cover: • Software and hardware localization • Engineering • Manufacturing • Automotive • Oil and Gas • Manufacturing procedures and quality-control documentations • Technical specifications • Complex Industrial process descriptions • Technical operations and maintenance manuals • Automotive/Automobile • Information Technology

Media and Entertainment Straight translation is rarely the right answer in creative industries – it doesn’t preserve the subtleties, the wordplay, and the jokes that bring copy to life. Localization also requires expert attention for success – what works well in one country or market can fall flat in others. Our project managers work closely with you to ensure that your copy reads like it had been written in your target language; specifically for your target market.

Legal Translation Services: We offer legal translation services and deliver timely translations with complete accuracy and exactness. We handle all the important and confidential things like tapes, litigation documents and various legal contracts and documents with full care and precautions. Some of the popular areas we cover: • General Law • Legal Contracts • Legal Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights • Legal Taxation & Customs statement • Legal correspondence • Legal Sales contracts • Legal Certificates • Legal Tenders .